23rd SC Infantry
Palmetto Battalion, Co. B
Florence, South Carolina

The 23rd SC Infantry is a group of enthusiasts that portray soldiers of the Civil War. We learn from and enjoy the ways of life of an era gone by. We are also the hosts for The Skirmish Of Gamble's Hotel held at The Columns in Florence, South Carolina.
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The Skirmish Of Gambles Hotel
"The Columns"

The event for 2022 is on!
The dates are March 12th & 13th!

Things are a little different this year. Recently, interest in things about the Civil War have waned. Not just participation, but spectator attendance has decreased. In the past we made a nice profit off the gate that we used to put on the event and fund a scholarship. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened for several years. To cover costs, we're charging a $10.00 fee to reenactors for the first time ever. You've been our guests for over 30 years, and I can tell you there was a lot of deliberation about this decision. But, there's a cost to put on the event. Hay, firewood, porta-jons, insurance, advertising, ... all add up. So when you attend, please consider what's being provided for the small amount we're asking for.

  • The Palmetto Battalion staff will be in command under Colonel Leland Sommers.
  • There will be no barn dance this year. With Covid still a concern, a 100 people crowed together isn't a good idea.
  • Artillery is being handled by Steven Merrit. Reach him through the 23rd's Facebook Page.
  • If you bring a horse, bring your Coggins papers. It's absolutely required.
  • We have a school day on Friday, 3/11. It begins at 9:00. We can always use help, so please consider coming for that.
  • Click here for the schedule for the weekend.
We need sutlers! We don't have one signed up yet. Here's an offer if you're a sutler. If you have general merchandise, I'll waive your fee and make you exclusive. No other sutler of your type will be accepted. Are you on your way home to the frozen north from nearby events? You can drop your trailer on site until you can set up on Thursday. We're about 15 miles off I-95 if you happen to be driving that way. Contact Tom Grazioli if you're interested. He can be reached by calling 843-455-2989.

I am very saddend to inform that Mike King passed away on January 29th. He was 65 years old. Mike was the long time president of the 23rd, a founder and driving force behind The Columns event. It is a loss that we won't soon get over.

Mike is survived by his wife Sharon, daughters Amy and Anna, grandchildren Lucas and Ava, more family, and many friends.

God speed Mike. And our most heartfelt condolences to all of his family and friends.