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23rd SC Infantry

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Palmetto Battalion, Co. B
Florence, South Carolina

The 23rd SC Infantry is a group enthusiasts that portray Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. We learn from and enjoy the ways of life of an era gone by. We are also the hosts for The Skirmish Of Gamble's Hotel held at The Columns in Florence, South Carolina.

The Skirmish Of Gambles Hotel
"The Columns"

Cannons Before The Battle

Because of things beyond our control, The Skirmish Of Gambles Hotel will not take place in 2021. What we know with respect to the COVID situation leads us to believe that it will have a strong impact well into the year. Hopefully when we get past this we can get back together on the field of valor. Many thanks to those of you that have supported us in the past.

Look what I found! 
Take a look at the 2006 commercial we did.

The 2010 South Carolina Outdoors episode on our event. 
Click here to take a look.

Be sure to fast forward through the annoying beep at the beginning.

Since everyone uses social media these days, we created a Facebook group there too.