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23rd SC Infantry

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Palmetto Battalion, Co. B
Florence, South Carolina

The 23rd SC Infantry is a group enthusiasts that portray Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. We learn from and enjoy the ways of life of an era gone by. We are also the hosts for The Skirmish Of Gamble's Hotel held at The Columns in Florence, South Carolina.

The Skirmish Of Gambles Hotel
"The Columns"
March 8th & 9th, 2014

Cannons Before The Battle

Hey, would you look at that!  It's already January and we're in full swing for our event.  Last year went really well.  The weather couldn't be better and we had a larger turnout than we've had in several years.  As always, we have camping that will accommodate families and the hardest of the hard cores.   Remember the mercantile where reenactors can sell their - ahem - wool that has shrunk over the years, a ball on Saturday night, and a much less formal "soiree" on Friday night.  The battles are not always the same, and are usually a mystery even to the guy that comes up with the scenarios until the fog clears on Friday afternoon.

Do you have a horse?  We like to see cavalry.  We'll give you $15 in bounty for each mount that takes the field both days.  Do the school day and we'll sweeten that a bit.

Do you have a cannon?  Artillery is by invitation only.  We want to have all the cannons in the world, and spectators really like to hear the big guns go boom.  The fact of the matter is we can only afford so much for artillary bounty.   And I will admit that it's a pitiful amount.  Unfortunately, we barely break even as it is.  If you don't get an invitation and will forgo the bounty, we can work something out. 

Check the bulletin board to see what else is going on.

We have a scholarship!  Here it is in a nutshell:  You must be attending Francis Marion University, be a junior or senior with a major in history, and make application for the funds.  It's that simple and you could receive $1000 towards your tuition.  We've done this several times before.  Click here to read more.

Did you know you could become part of the group, even if you didn't have an interest in reenacting? The Friends Of The 23rd is for people that want to be part of us, people that might just have an interest in history. Or people that like how our efforts support a scholarship at Francis Marion. Or folks that just want to help out. A $25 fee will buy our friendship. But wait! There’s more! You’ll also get two free passes to the event. That’s a $20 dollar value. Kidding aside, we do good things and have fun while we’re at it. You may want to be part of that, and you can. If you show up at the event, find your way to the Mercantile and ask one of the ladies about how you can join up.