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School Day



School Day

We will have historically correct presentations depicting camp life of the soldiers, infantry and artillery drill, cooking demonstrations, a blacksmith and a civilian homestead.  The 2019 School Day will be Friday, March 8th.

Our education program for school children is by invitation only.  It's not hard to get one, but you must contact Petra Darby at 803-518-1921 or by email at petradarby[@] (without the brackets).   And please note.  To offset the cost of insurance and porta-jons, we're asking 5.00 per child that attends.

Please make sure the children dress appropriately.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen the kids show up without a sweater or coat - when it's cold enough to be chilly in wool.  If it gets warm, they can leave their coat on the bus.  If it rains, I can only get about 2 pogies under my gum blanket with me.  We will have several modern food vendors available for snacks and lunch.  And I've been informed that the Root Beer Man and Ricky's Home Made Ice Cream will be open for the children to visit.  We're still working on the Kettle Corn Man.