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23rd SC Infantry

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Palmetto Battalion, Co. B
Florence, South Carolina


Richard Snipes
23rd South Carolina Infantry
Company E

Richard Snipes, son of Daniel and Polly Marlow Snipes, was born about 1830 in Marion, SC. He had seven brothers and one sister. Richard married Charity Ikner about 1853 and they had five children: Christopher, Celia, Edward Ikner, Sumter and George. According to the 1860 South Carolina Census Richard is working as an overseer in Marion, SC. On February 1, 1864, at the age of 34, he is enlisted by Cpt. J. G. Finkler to serve with the 23rd South Carolina Infantry, Company E. He saw action with the 23rd at Charleston, SC, at the Bermuda Hundred and at the Siege of Petersburg. According to his service record, Richard was admitted to Jackson Hospital in Richmond, VA on Aug. 13, 1864 with diarrhea. Seven days later Richard died from typhoid fever. According to information from Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA, men were dying at such an alarming rate that a proper burial wasn't possible at that time. A long trench was dug and each man was laid in the trench and a record made of each burial. Richard's grave remained unmarked for 138 years until Oct. 14, 2002 when a Confederate Memorial Headstone was placed in Section V, # 648.

Seven of Richard's brothers serve in the Civil War as well. Brother Daniel, Jr. is a Sergeant with Co. D, Gregg's Battery, Manigault's Battalion Artillery. Daniel is captured, sent to Elmira Prison, New York but survives the war. Brother Chesley is a Private with Co. B, 21st SC Infantry and dies of disease on March 18, 1862 at Georgetown. Brother James is a Private with Co. L, 10th SC Infantry and is killed at Franklin, TN in Dec. 1864. Brother Michael is a Corporal with Co. I, 8th SC Infantry and is killed at Cedar Creek, Oct. 13, 1864. Brother Allen is a Private with Co. E, Gregg's 1st SC Infantry and dies from disease at Charleston, SC on Nov. 15, 1864. His body is returned to Florence, SC for burial. Brother Perry is a Private with Co. C, 18th SC Artillery and also dies of disease. Brother Thomas emigrates to Texas before the war and served with a regiment there and survives the war. The eldest son, Wilson, remained at home.