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23rd SC Infantry

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Palmetto Battalion, Co. B
Florence, South Carolina


Sprott Guards

The following item is reprinted with permission from Nelson McLeod.  The first was copied by Mr. McLeod, some years ago, from the Manning Times.   I have not altered the text or layout except for purposes of readability with respect to website formatting and for the roster I made 3 columns out of 1.

This letter from A.J. Richbourg, the Sgt. Major of the regiment, appeared in the Manning Times on March 17, 1917.

Summerton, South Carolina
March 17, 1917
Editor, (Manning Times) 

Please find enclosed the roll of Confederate soldiers of Clarendon County who volunteered at Manning and other places during the war as Co. I, 23rd S. C. Vol.-(Sprott Guards) - You will note there are 174 volunteers and out of that list only 11 are still alive. As far as I know 163 have been killed, wounded or died. To all who read this list of the dead Confederate veterans, if you will cut this roll out of this paper or typewrite a copy of the same, frame and hang it on your parlor walls, in years to come your heirs will search the rolls of the old Confederate dead to find if you are a heir or joint heir to the best blood this country offered on her alters, for the protection of mothers, homes and country. You may write them in gold if you wish, for they wrote them for you in their blood and suffered four long years. Only eleven left of this gallant band and they are soon to cross "The Great River of Death" to unite with them to the last roll call at the bar of God. 

A. J. Richbourg, 

Sgt. Maj. 23rd S. C. Vol.

H L. Benbow, Capt. T. M. Creasy, Private J. N. Richbourg, Private
H. H. Lesesne, 1st Lieut.  J. B. Carpenter, Private Jno. A. Ridgeway, Private
R. B. Harvin, 2nd Lieut.  R. S. Connor, Private J. M. Ridgeway, Private
T. N. Slawson, 3rd Lieut E. W. Davis, Private J. W. Ridgeway, Private
D. J. Bradham, O. S. Sergt.  J. E. Davis, Private P. L. Ridgill, Private
J. E. Wells, 2nd Sergt.  J. Preston Davis, Private J. L. Rowe, Private
E. H. Cuttino, 3rd Sergt.  L. J. Davis, Private G. D. Rhodus, Private
W. J. R. Cantey, 4th Sergt. W. O. Dorrity, Private J. J. Reardon, Private
H. D. Wells, 5th Sergt. J. L. Dixon, Private S. C. C. Richardson, Private
W. F. Butler, Com. Sgt. J. C. Drose, Private Jno. Shepherd, Private
S. P. Wells, 1st Corp.  H. B. Drose, Private W. Newton Stukes, Private
W. R. Coskrey, Sgt. Jno. DuBose, Private C. W. Stukes, Private
N. W. Baggett, Sgt. Jno. L. Eadon, Private J. W. Stukes, Private
W. CrookWatt, Sgt J. W. Eadon, Private J. Taylor Stukes, Private
R. A. Ridgill, Sgt. W. H. Epperson, Private W. J. Shorter, Private
R. J. Hodge, Sgt. S. P. H. Elwell, Private Henry Shorter, Private
A. J. Richbourg, Sgt. A. Frierson, Private L. D. Skinner, Private
J. D. Batson, Corpl. S. A. Frierson, Private H. M. Skinner, Private
W. H. Cole, Corpl. W. B. Frierson, Private W. M. Tobias, Private
H. B. Drose, Corpl. J. J. Frierson, Private I. N. Tobias, Private
S. L. Eadon, Corpl. W. W. Foreman, Private J. J. Tindal, Private
I. T. Hodge, Corpl. J. J. Gibson, Private T. J. Tisdale, Private
J. W. Thames, Corpl. J. F. Jenoples, Private T. W. Thames, Private
W. J. Clark, Hosp. Steward J. M. Gamble, Private W. J. B. Thames, Private
R. J. Aycock, Private J. H. Griffin, Private R. J. Thames, Private
G. W. Anderson, Private NelsonGriffin, Private J. D. Thames, Private
L. G. Anderson, Private R. M. Griffin, Private W. T. Touchberry, Private
J. R. Ballard, Private H. J. Holliday, Private R. F. Turner, Private
W. A. Brewer, Private J. W. Holliday, Private Gabrell Tucker, Private
C. H. Brunson, Private T. H. Harvin, Private H. R. Timmons, Private
D. O. Brunson, Private T. K. Hilton, Private J. C. White, Private
W. L. Brunson, Private J. W. Humphrey, Private J. R. White, Private
L. S. Bradham, Private J. S. Hodge, Private A. J. White, Private
J. H. Bochette, Private J. E. Hodge, Private J. H. White, Private
T. A. Bradham, Private W. S. Johnson, Private W. R. Wells, Private
S. H. Bradham, Private R. B. James, Private A. C. Wells, Private
J. M. Barwick, Private Geo. R. Jones, Private Jno. A. Ward, Private
N. J. Barwick, Private H. R. Jennings, Private Philip Ward, Private
L. H. Barwick, Private D. E. Kelly, Private Hesikiah Ward, Private
B. J. Barwick, Private J. W. Kelly, Private J. S. Wise, Private
W. J. Brown, Private Hicks Kolb, Private W. M. Wise, Private
G. R. Bryant, Private R. M. Lowder, Private J. R. Wise, Private
E. H. Bateman, Private H. J. Lyman, Private W. J. Wise, Private
J. W. Bartlett, Private C. W. Lyman, Private
R. R. Billups, Private W. T. Lyman, Private Those who are living:
Wainwright Butler, Private P. H. Lesesne, Private
Lewis Butler, Private T. Sumter Lesesne, Private A. J. Richbourg
J. J. Baggett, Private Moses Levi, Private W. H. Cole
B. H. Baggett, Private R. A. Mims, Private T. R. Cantey
T. R. Cantey, Private T. MartinMims, Private M. S. Cantey
M. S. Cantey, Private J. P. Mitchum, Private Thos. H. Connors
J. N. Cobia, Private W. L. Moore, Private J. H. Griffin
H. J. Cobia, Private Jno. O. Martin, Private T. H. Harvin
Nelson Childers, Private C. W. Martin, Private T. M. Mims
Thos. H. Connors, Private J. G. McLeod, Private J. P. Mitchum
A. J. Connors, Private W. J. McCall, Private W. N. Stukes
T. W. Cutter, Private W. W. Nichols, Private J. F. Stukes
J. S. Carpenter, Private W. N. Owens, Private I. N. Tobias
W. T. Connors, Private Jno. A. Owens, Private T. J. Tisdale
W. C. Coullett, Private Jno. O'Hara, Private
G. W. Chewning, Private F. Gamewell Puckett, Private
C. H. Corbett, Private J. M. Plowden, Private
J. N. Connors, Private Richard Pack, Private
Benjamin Cutter, Private P. S. Richbourg, Private
T. P. Cuttino, Private Jno. W. Richbourg, Private

An obituary I received from Mr. McLeod shows private "D. O. Brunson" to be David Oscar Brunson of Clarendon, SC.  Click here to read the obituary.  It would appear the old Sgt. Major kept track of his men even after the war.  The obituary is signed "A. J. R.", presumable for A. J. Richbourg - the man that wrote the article above.

A note I received from David & MaryBeth Stark (MaryBeth Cantey?) would indicate that Sgt. "W. J. R. Cantey" was William James Ransom Cantey.  Private "T. R. Cantey" was Thomas Robert and "M. S. Cantey" was Morgan Sabb.   The two privates were sons of the 4th sergeant.  It's interesting and somewhat amusing that the boys spent their youth taking orders from their father and then had to while in the army as well.  Our thanks to the Stark family for the info.